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brother innovis 2500D cannot get machine to recognize the design downloaded
I downloaded a design and transferred it to a usb stik , it shows up on the usb , but will not open on the 2500D, any help is appreciated. Make sure the file type is one that your 2500D can read,...
4 years ago 1
pallette upgrade
I bought an enterprise and it came with pallette 10 upgrade. I do not have the original and can not find it. how do I put something on my computer and then upgrade with what I was given. help
4 years ago
Bernina Embroidery Software V4 dongle?
I'm looking for a replacement for my broken dongle to my Bernina Designer Plus V4 software. Can anybody help me find one, or having any suggestions?
5 years ago
Wilcom saving file
Hallo friends, I need help. When I saving design in WILCOM in DST or DSB format and I reopen them, all colours are changed. Whan I save in EMB format everything is OK. Also, some object are split in...
5 years ago 1
Creative Needle back issues available
I'm posting to let everyone know about a number of Creative Needle back iss ues and rare Collector's Editions I have. Creative Needle was a magazine th at specialized in smocking, handsewing,...
5 years ago
Re: digitizer 10000 security dongle
did you ever manage it.... I am trying to crack mine as I havn;t been able to use it for years and still want to use my janome 10001 machine I don't want to spend more money on it -again - I lost it...
5 years ago
Husqvarna Viking Rose with Customizing version 5.1
Husqvarna does not support this software or the antique reader/writer I bou ght in the 1990's. The software is running just fine on my Windows Vista. I have the attachments to plug it into a USB port,...
5 years ago
Vibrant, Impressive, Stunning Flower Designs: Jardin Majorele Flower Studio
Jardin Majorele Floral Design Studio is your perfect choice that creates be autiful flowers and contemporary boutiques in a unique style. Being a leadi ng florist in Manhattan, New York City (NYC),...
5 years ago
Own ULT2002D embroidery machine states that you can rotate & resize designs,how?
The ULT2002D manual states that you should be able to hit the size button on the screen & change the size of a design. Mine does not do that does anyone else know or have this machine & if so have...
6 years ago
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