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Hallo friends, I need help.
When I saving design in WILCOM in DST or DSB format and I reopen them, all colours are changed. Whan I save in EMB format everything is OK. Also, some object are split in few object more.
Can you help me....
Sorry for my english, I hope you understand me.
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Aleksandar Matejic
Your English is fine.
I don't use Wilcom enough to be able to offer a suggestion. Have you checked the Wilcom site FAQs for help?
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I do purchase designs occasionally which for some reason do not display correctly in my digitizing software (PSW2.0a). When that happens, I have used Embird to open files which do not display correctly, then used it to convert the file to another format, after which I can use my digitizing software to open the newly created file, and 'save-as' again in my machine's format. Sometimes, that corrects the issue.
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