Re: digitizer 10000 security dongle

> I am in the process of having the HASP4 Emulator cracked for the
> Digitizer 10000, I am a DBA and I know the right people. When I have
> it, you can be sure it will be available on the net, I will post it on
> every P2P site I can find. I wrote to Janome and the reply I got was,
> that even they hate it. Their dongle is useless to me, I'm a pirate > and proud of it.
> Hi snyper
did you ever manage it.... I am trying to crack mine as I havn;t been able to
use it for years and still want to use my janome 10001 machine
I don't want to spend more money on it -again - I lost it when my relationship
split up and have never found it and Janome expect me to fork out over a
thousand bucks I don't have...its all so much dearer here in NZ
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