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Kenmore Pattern Cams 26 with case on eBay
If you have an older Kenmore machine you might want to look at this auction
13 years ago
Snow Leopard & Celtic Medley @ BFC !
~~~~~~~TIP~~~~~~~~ For a really unique picture, stitch a pretty design on plain fabric. Choose a print fabric for a border. Cut strips and stitch them around your design. Then using Steam a seam or...
13 years ago
one year membership at has been lowered
Okay, ya'll Connie and I have both received a LOAD of emails wanting more then a month membership, and at a lowre rate for such, SO... We have set up TEN memberships for ONE YEAR for a super low...
13 years ago
[0T] To ALL the Goils I have ever LOVED..... B4
~ ~ ~ ...have a great day..!! HuuuuuuuuuuuuGs
13 years ago
NEW DESIGNS: All new designs are on INTRODUCTORY PRICING (except fun sets) and all have FREE SAMPLES. FEATURE: We have added a small French Flag to the design will be offering help in French on the...
13 years ago
digitizing software
Could anyone give me some help on selecting a good digitizing program? I'm not an artist and have had no luck so far. Is the "Corel" program a good AUTO?digitizer??? I know they were always good for...
13 years ago 8
AD: New Free Designs & Wine Country Redwork
visit email us: a new article about machine embroidery every day (and PLEASEcontribute your ideas and knowledge) FREE DESIGN yesterday! This shamrock has great dimension and isvery unique. It was...
13 years ago
Blank items to embroider
Can anyone help my friend in the UK. Thank you. Can anyone help my friend in the UK. Thank you.
13 years ago 1
Cutover Box: Needs 220?
I'm kind of clueless about generators. Last year I got my dinky little Honda 2kw and 150' of #10 extension cord. Seems to fit the stated need, which is to keep from losing the contents of a couple of...
13 years ago 16
Oriental Lace & Postcard Kit @ BFC !
NEW DESIGNS: All new designs are on INTRODUCTORY PRICING (except fun sets) and all have FREE SAMPLES. *ORIENTAL LACE - FLORA* A companion set to Oriental Lace - for buying both sets! *POSTCARD KIT* by...
13 years ago
NE1 have a football helmet available?
I'm looking for a football helmet for a not-for-profit football league. A generic helmet is fine, I can choose the colors I want to use. A profile helmet is fine, but if I can get a 3-d helmet that...
13 years ago
embird and windows vista
any body have any tricks...this wont seem to work thanks saw snicklefritz , Bless us ALL with: [top post corrected] Yer smarter than I, I carntfigureout if that is a statement or a question :-^...
13 years ago 1
PE Design, Ver. 4 HELP!!!!
Can anyone recommend a tutorial for PE Design ver 4? I'm trying to tackle digitizing, but all I'm coming up with is a finished design that somewhat resembles my original, but looks more like a...
13 years ago
last cd sale embroidery designs
Connie and I have decided to stop all cd sales on our site after March 1st. We feel that our membership area is the way we are going to go on our site, and will be going that direction starting March...
13 years ago 1
Oriental Lace & a Lion Window @ BFC !
~~~~~~~~~TIP~~~~~~~~~~~ Though our tendency is to think we need a thick needle for dense designs, a finer one usually works better. The fine needle slides through the existing stitches more easily....
13 years ago