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FSL Christmas Village, Sunsets & Art Nouveau BOGO Sale @ BFC !
~~~~~~~~~~~~TIP~~~~~~~~~~~ Be sure to check your spam folder - especially if you are expecting to receive an online order. Too often digitizers try very hard to deliver orders only to have their...
13 years ago
Elizabethan Ladies, Goddesses & Art Nouveau BOGO Sale @ BFC !
NEW DESIGNS: All new designs are on INTRODUCTORY PRICING (except fun sets) and all have FREE SAMPLES. NOUVEAU BOGO sale - We will be having *mini* Buy One Get One Freesales between now November when...
13 years ago
Freebie Design
Hi, New site getting ready for launch, I need to add some more content but until then I have uploaded an exclusive free design for you to download.
13 years ago
Can you sew large(ish) text with Pfaff 2054?
My wife has a Pfaff 2054. She says it can sew small text. But she wouldn't say that she's an expert with all the features of her machine. So I was wondering if it's possible to sew (embroider?)...
13 years ago 1
need to convert babylock palette 2.0 to usb
has anyone had this problem.where can I find a for your help. 430 No such article 222 2195 body has anyone had this problem.where can I find a for your help.
13 years ago
Viking "Rose"
I, very sadly, inherited a Viking 'Rose' from my sister in law. I love using this machine . . I've always had a mechanical machine. Shortly after I got the machine, the Viking dealership went out of...
13 years ago 6
Combination Sewing/Embroidery Machine Suggestions
I am researching combination machines to give me an update. I need both functions, but really need to upgrade my hoop size from the 4x4 I use now. Have heard the Singer CE-100 FS Futura is good with...
13 years ago 3
Where is the best to buy needles schmetz bulk
Where is the best to buy needles schmetz bulk? 222 2167 body Where is the best to buy needles schmetz bulk? You don't give a hint where in the world you are (hint: this is an international newsgroup)....
13 years ago 2
Lettering Help!
I am having trouble when using smaller text. I cant seem to get the smaller stitches to come out looking good. I seems like the stitch count is too large. Im not sure how to properly resize. I mostly...
13 years ago 2
New Design Quilting Frame
Hello, I just wanted to let you know about a new design quilting frame. For beginners and advanced quilters alike, adjustable, and sturdy. Easy with no tools required... ,
13 years ago
Interesting articles regarding Ebay and the ESPC
These links are to a series of two articles (so far) by InfoWorld columnist Ed Foster regarding the Embroidery Software Protection Coalition (ESPC) and their actions against EBay, embroidery design...
13 years ago 3
NASA - ORION - Mission Patch
created this a few days ago. Very cheap at $7 - much cheaper than buyingindividual patches from collector sites. Enjoy! --------------= Posted using GrabIt =---------------- ------= Binary Usenet...
13 years ago
Foot # 15 vs. #26
Hello, Do you have any preference for this embroidery pressure foot? Thanks. Jackie
13 years ago
professional digitizing service
Hello everybody, Please allow me to introduce our company. We are a embroidery digitizing center from China and we have 10 years'work experience. We use WILCOM to digitize and we can send the designs...
13 years ago
service manual for Husqvarna 2000
Hello i am looking for a service manual for mine Husqvarna 2000 Can anyone help me Thanks Try asking at: , Beverly
13 years ago 1