How Many Lurkers Do We Have?

OK, lurkers....Come on, at least reply to this one post.
Let's have a nose count on the real readership out there. Just say "Hi",
and then go back to your lurk mode.
PS: SMH, I know you are lurking.
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All quiet on the Western Front.
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Steve Noll
I'm here.... I know Brady is a complete fool. I would never waste a penny on anything he could come close to even pretending to teach.
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I read this group a few times per week. You only see me when something useful can be said from a hobbyist perspective. Tomes
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I lurk, therefor I am.
Regards, Roy
On Sat, 7 Oct 2006 14:10:06 -0400, "Moonraker" wrote:
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Hidey ho, Total lurker here. I check the site a few times a week. I am a hobbyist panel maker and beginning glass painter. Most of it given away to family and friends - not a penney made, yet. I posted once about 3 years ago asking advice about doing a grey-scale stained glass panel. Several people followed up with good ideas. Thanks for all the enjoyable reading. Scott
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All those responses may represent only 10% of the real lurker population. Now that you know you have such a big audience watching, aren't you ashamed Moon for your behaior?
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