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Does anyone know what's going on with this glassworks company? I bought some Martini glasses from this Glasswork Company that was absolutely wonderful. However, when I called them to ask if they had a web site, the guy that sold me the glasses said ....NO!
However, they do have a web site called neworleansglassworks.com So when I called back and I got a different person, he told me that the board members were having a feud about the site. They can not make up their mind on whether to promote the student's work or not. I told them that I would buy more....stuff, if they could just post a simple picture on the site.
Does any one know who or which board member will listen? Can I please buy more of your student's work? Would it be that big of a deal to get a digital camera and down load pictures to the site? Maybe a camera cell phone will work....anything!
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Robert Lopez

......snipped for brevity...
Maybe a camera cell phone will work....anything!
Did you really think no one would realize what you had done?
Wouldn't it just have been easier to say you were having pre-conference workshops and you were posting a blatant, yet informative commercial post? It is interesting as a site, and your GAS lead in photo is pretty neat, but you will get further if people didn't think you were being sneaky, although, I must admit , unique. All said "tongue in cheek", it is worth a look for those into hot glass. just for the variety of workshops....
and if your going to post a link....
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I don't think that was what he was doing...
I had a stronger suspicion that he was a student glass blower at the place...
and that they wouldn't show his works on the site to sell them.... just my take... LOL
Cheryl DRAGON BEADS Flameworked beads and glass
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Cheryl, Did you see anyone's stuff for sale except about the seminars pre-conference? Dumb like a fox, they were. Nice catch tho, just wanted to let them know it was noticed, they went to a lot of trouble to not.
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