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Hi there,
Last year I purchased a brother 4000d from my mom, used. We had a fire and
embroidery/sewing machine was with me at the time, while my case with my
embroidery arm and hoops were in the house. The insurance company is
willing to
give me a few hundred dollars, because they can not replace them. They as
well as
myself have contacted brother. I have searched and searched the web and
local and
even non local dealers. Does anyone have any advice? Also, I heard the
arms might fit. Does anyone out there have both machines and could try it
for me?
Or maybe one of the cheaper brothers arms would work. I would really
prefer not
to lose the money I have invested in this machine. However, I do not want
purchase another 4000d just for the embroidery arm. I might as well have
different machines. The machine I have a chance of buying used is the
ellegante 2. I don't want to lose my brother, because I am such a disney
Please help. I have limited funding. :)
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On 8/6/08 9:51 PM, in article Rqtmk.35$F,
My advice is to contact the nearest Brother/BabyLock dealer and tell them what you have posted here. It doesn't cost anything to ask a question.
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Emily Bengston

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