Brother LS-2125i

A couple of years ago I bought a Brother LS-2125i at Wally World
(Wal-Mart). The first time I tried to do a zig-zag stitch it balled the
thread under the fabric and broke the top thread. I have tried adjusting the
tension on the bobbin and top thread. But nothing seam to help. Other then
I bought a cheep machine at a cheep place. What can be done to fix it?
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balled the
adjusting the
help. Other then
fix it?
Uses some regular old plain dual-duty thread (poly/cotton/whatever) with a 80/12 needle.
Set the machine up to do a Straight Stitch first.
Set up the machine so that you get the longest straight stitch the machine can do and adjust the thread and/or bobbin tensions until you get a pretty descent looking locked straight stitch.
now without changing any thread tension settings try to turn the machine knobs to the medium width regular zig zag setting (NOT stretch ZZ stitching NOR satin ZZ stitching) and try to sew, If you get a ZZ then try a wider ZZ setting
how do the top an bottom stitches look ?
and let us know what the results are
That machine advertises something about Auto stitch width and Auto stitch length. I suspect that will be source of your troubles. if the machine has sat for a long time then the **auto** settings may be gummed up, it may need some lubrication TLC etc.......
HTH robb
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one other thought. Did you set your needle into the fabric first, then lower the presser foot and then hold the needle and bobbin thread to the back before sewing? Are you using a new needle? Other than that you may just have a bad machine that tanked on you without much in the way of recourse. Unfortunately inexpensive machines with lots of bells and whistles frequently are just bad.If you can't get it to work I'd try to return it and look for a used machine. Read the following link.
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Juno B
On Sat, 7 Mar 2009 20:09:11 UTC, "Buster52" wrote:
If it actually is broken, it probably can't be fixed. With some of the cheap so-called sewing machines available at places like Hillbilly Haven and other cheap stores, there is no way to make certain adjustments on the works of the machines and replacement parts are not available. They won't even make a good boat anchor because they are too light.
Check to make sure the thread is properly through the tension discs and the take-up lever. Also check to make sure the bobbin case and bobbin are properly in place and that there are no burrs on the sides of the needle hole in the needle plate.
If that doesn't work, a sewing machine repair shop might be able to figure out and fix the problem. Otherwise, you'll have to get a real sewing machine.
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Wayne Hines
"Auto stitch width" and "auto stitch length" is just marketing mumbo-jumbo for preset stitch width and length.
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Wayne Hines

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