Help requested - Brother ULT 2003d

My new to me (one yr old) brother ult2003d (told the lady traded it in on a
innovus4000d to get the new features) is having a problem.
When I stitch the bobbin thread pulls up - if I manually adjust the upper
tension way down (auto comes on at '4' adjust down to '2.8') it stitches
fine. I took it in to the dealer that sold it to me (2 hr drive one way)
and they worked on it. The slip they gave me says 'rerace bobbin' but when
I spoke to the repair person this morning he says he just reset the bobbin.
When I brought the machine home after their adjustment/repair the first
hooping stitched out gorgeous. I rehooped the fabric - didn't rethread as
I was still doing the same colour and same digitized design - and the old
problem of pulling up the bobbin thread was back.
I pulled out an old piece of woven fabric that I've had marvelous success on
and used iron on cut-away stabalizer and did some test stitches with various
designs. Same thing - on the auto setting the bobbin thread pulls up and
the design is nasty - manually adjust the tension down and it's great.
I don't want to have to try to remember to reset the upper tension each time
- I feel something is wrong somewhere. I called the dealer and pretty much
got blown off. Use more stabalizer - rethread the machine.
I've done test sews again - vaious thread, rethreading, using a remote
thread stand - problem remains.
Any ideas out there?
All help appreciated. Maybe someone has run into this with this machine or
heard something?
Thanks so much
Sad Stitcher
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What are you using in the bobbin? When I first got my Brother 180D I had a problem with the bobbin thread showing on the top. Like you, I set the tension down and it worked better, but not perfect. I was using bobbins I wound myself from a big cone of bobbin thread sold to me by the store where I bought the machine. I switched to either pre-wound NEB (my favorite) or wind-it-myself using nylon lingerie bobbin thread. This solved the problem for me.
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I had this problem with my brand new (at the time) Ellageo 3. What I did, was I adjusted the shuttle tension (bobbin case) to work with prewound bobbins. I then purchased a new shuttle (bobbin) case for bobbins I would wind myself. It cost around $30, but was well worth it. Then new one did not need any adjustment, and works fine on the machine's factory settings.
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Tighten the bobbin tension. There is a tiny screw down in the bobbin area.......turn it 1/4 turn to the right and try that. Turn just a little at a time until it is where you want it.
Stitching test would be the letter "L" can really see how much thread is wrapping on that. Check your manual to see what they say "perfect" looks like.
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Pat S. in Arkansas
Thank you all so much for your responses.
I have been using Brother bobbins purchased from the dealer that I wind myself off a big cone. My other older brother machine has always liked this. I do have a pre-wound bobbin and have noticed the stitching is a tiny bit better (but not good) with that.
I will try adjusting the bobbing tension - that makes so much more sense than fiddling with the top tension.
I'll try this right now and post back.
Again thanks for the help.
Sad Stitcher but feeling the sunshine coming
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Remember that seam sewing requires the threads meet in the middle of the material but embroidery sewing requires about 1/3 of the bottom thread to show on the bottom and 2/3 of the top thread to show on the bottom.
There is a recently ( aprox 1 year ago) software enhancement on these machines that allows compensation for the difference between embroidery tension and seam sewing tension on one of the last pages of setup in your machine.
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John P . Bengi
After sewing for 65+ years, I still don't know the names of all the parts of the machine, and your descriptions sound like mine. I am happy you have the bobbin tension adjusted to get great embroidery. Someone once told me I should always have two bobbin cases for my emb. machines, one adjusted just for emb and the other for regular sewing. I took their advice and it works out great. A dab of red fingernail polish on the one for emb. keeps them straight. I am not familiar with Brother machines, so have no idea if that would work in your case or not. Emily
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The Brother ULT machines have a tension compensation setting in their software for embroidery to seam sewing.
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John P Bengi
I haven't tried seam sewing since I adjusted the bobbin but I'm sure happy with the emb. Once I'm done this rush job (daughter is visiting on the weekend and I want her new bedroom set done so she can take it home with her) I'll try sewing on the ULT
If the bobbin needs adjusting for sewing I will get another race and have the 2 set differently.
I sure appreciate all the help I've received - I was really stressing out.
Thanks so much
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I have a Brother ULT 2003 ,( my first ever embroidery machine) and i just LOVE it.Thanks for the post because i just noticed my bobbin thread works differently on my embroidery and my straight stitching.However so far i'm still afraid to start "piddlin" with the workings. LOL.
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You could always do what I did, buy an another shuttle/bobbin case/race. Use the new one as is, factory set, for regular sewing, and "piddle" with the old one, to get the tension perfect for embroidery. I left the machine settings on default and set the bobbin tension on the shuttle/bobbin case/race.
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FYI there are 2 thread tension adjustments on the ult 2003 one is On the page three where you can do the stitch count per minute Adjustment this one is remembered when you turn the machine off and is factory set to 00 the other is on embroidery page them work together. The Jill
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