Sandblasting videos
> Any ideas on how to explain sandblasting with pictograms for your
>> illiterate companions?
I hope you'll forgive a brief plug:
I manage the video library at We're now in our fourth
year of renting out instructional and craft videos online, and
delivering them via first class mail to your door.
We carry videos on sandblasting glass.
Three videos on this topic and are well reviewed are:
1. Butch Young's "Creative Surface Etching". Customers have said
this is a great beginners disc for sandblasting on glass.
formatting link
Norm Dobbins's "Sandblast Glass Etching". This is another highlyrecommended beginner dvd.
formatting link
Butch Young's "Light Frosting". This a wonderful dvd that goesfrom beginning to intermediate levels.
formatting link
hope this will be helpful and informative.Susanc
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