Forgive me....

But Christmas cards to you all just aren't going to happen. The cards I got
a chance to do went to the church and DH's work. I really thought I was
going to get more done to send out to RCS, but it hasn't happened, and it
probably won't happen. I give up. I'm in the middle of rewrapping packages
from my parents, have been on and off the phone between MOm & Dad, and
DH...trying to coordinate replacing the stolen stocking stuffers. I have
yet to start my baking today, which is to get a batch of yeast rolls ready
for the freezer (and in the freezer), sugar cookies baked (which will be
rolled and cut with the kiddos), at least one pobbisly two pans of cornbread
baked, and start on peanut butter balls.
I do wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe, happy and healthy New
Year. Love you all!
Somebody tell me to start Christmas cards for 2007 in February. Maybe by
Dec. I'll have them done. *sigh*
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Deb in AR
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I'm also in the guilty as charged column. I just didn't get my act together fast enough to do everyone.
Between my sickness, the NYPD (which I go in in the spring), work, Sarah, etc, no time.
So you aren't the only one that is in need of forgiveness.
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I'm also guilty of running out of time and not sending everyone I wanted to a card. But there may still be something coming sometime in January for those that I missed!
Meanwhile just know that everyone on RCS is a special person that I am truly grateful to have in my life!
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I completely understand. I finally did some cards for a few friends and family and I still need to address them but they will be out and in the hands of those who get them next week. I am starting my holiday baking today--I have a cheesecake, bread (cranberry, banana and a breaded loaf), and cookies. Whew! I hope I get finished before tomorrow. I feel I have added pressure because DH is on call Christmas day and we decided late last night to have the big dinner on Christmas eve. I haven't even thought of wrapping presents. Jacqui
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I too didn't get out all the cards for Christmas I wanted/planned on. Running two households and a full time job and being wife/mom just didn't leave much time for me get all the cards done I wanted to, I had to par down to family, and those I consider family.
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There's plenty of other occasions to send a card out sweety - 'Happy New Year', Valentine's Day, 'just because Day'... :) It's nice to be thought of at any time of the year.
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Karen AKA Kajikit
PHEW - glad I am not the only one whose been worried about it!
So, put me on the completely understand! I have a prty I still have a LOT of cleaning ot do for tomorrow night! And wrapping, and aak!!
Merry Xmas all, may the 26th be a day to rest and relax. :)
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Girl, don't feel like the lone ranger, I'm right there with ya!! Just plain ran out of time. :-(
Okay, let's start making next year's cards in February--I might be finished on time IF I'm lucky! LOL.
Happy holidays to you too!
Carolyne in TX
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I was thinking the same thing - LOL - that maybe I shouldn't put my card stash away, but rather start on them after the new year!! :)
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Jessica can lump me into that bunch as well...It's amazing how the days fly by. I had every intention of getting cards out this year to all of you and my family, but alas, no one has gotten any this year. Maybe that should be the challenge next! Start the cards in January and maybe they'll get
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!!
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I'm a kit person when I scrap, and I do about the same thing when I do my christmas cards. I think that is the main reason I only do one or two designs. That way I can mass produce. When I did my cards this year, I cut all of the window frames first, then went back and did the tape and glitter. I kept everything in a box together for both cards. I cut the strips for the blue and white tag cards, and the rectangles for the inside of the window cards and added them to the box. Then I did all of the stamping for both cards one evening and selected the colors of watercolor crayons I would need and added them to the box. I just worked on them when ever I had a chance, sometimes only 5-10 minutes. For a project like this I find if I put everything I need together in a box I can take it anywhere and work on it, even to DS's ball practice. I try to do the cutting pefore adding the pieces to the box so I don't have to use a cutter or any bigger tools later. Sandy
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I could say mine got lost in the mail... but they didn't, they didn't get sent, not that I didn't want to. Life just got in the way of my plans. Like the joke goes How do you make God laugh? Tell Him your plans! My best to all as we try to remember why we all celebrate in the first place! p.s. thanks for always being a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen and an unparalleled pep squad! God Bless you all this season and always!
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You can add me to this growing list too.*sigh* I had really good intentions, but the ol' stomach flu hit my house the week before Christmas and made its rounds with all of us. Last minute shopping, and working over 40 hours just killed all hopes of getting them done in time for the big day! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and has a prosperous New Year!! **setting goal to have cards done next year before the December rush!! Maybe we can have another RCS meet next year and dedicate a day of it to making Christmas cards! LOL
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Linda C

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