Satined Glass Grinder Recommendations?

Hi All,
I'm brand new to stained glass. I'd like to get a decent grinder
without spending much money. I've seen lots of ads for various brands under
$100, but not a lot of objective reviews.
At the risk of starting a religous argument, can folks give me some
pointers and recomendations?
Thanks, Max
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Max Moor
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The two "names" are Glastar and Inland. Each have their strengths and weaknesses. Probably you would be well advised to avoid "Diamond Max" or "Running Rabbit" brands. I own both Glastar and Inland. Two of my Inlands are going on 20 years old (or more) and are still going strong. I don't think there's a nickles worth of difference in either brand.
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Moonie...I got a Wizard I bought in the late 70' like new! You should get another 10 out of yours then.... JB
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My Wizard is almost 25 years old. Go to your local SG store, and ask for a demo. Inlands are generally cheaper than Glastar.
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