Stained glass--supplies

Can anyone recommend a good source of stained glass tools and supplies
on-line? Even better would be a a shop north of Boston where I could see
things before I buy.
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Yellow pages, Glass-Stained and Leaded. We need to support our SG retailers, so they will remain in business when we need advice, or to actually see and feel the stuff in person. Sure it's nice to get a good price, but supporting the wholesale/retail system is the American way of life. Maybe you'll pay a few more pennies, but no s&h charges should make up for it. First it was the Walmart & Home Depots that put the mom & pop shops out of business, now it's the net sellers. Sorry for the rant...
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Kingston, NH too far to drive? Works of Heart used to have a great selection and decent prices. (I haven't been in several years.)
19 Marshall Rd Kingston NH 03848 603-642-4439
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Steve Ackman
I'd also be interested in good online sources. There are no well-supplied stores within 70 miles of here. Just once source for glass.
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Maybe the store that's 70 miles away might be able to ship you stuff. That way, you could go there once in a while and develope a relationship with them vs some unknown that's hundreds of miles away. There's nothing like having someone you don't know pull glass for you.
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