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FS: Pandorasbookshop january sale is now on...
Books on Fused Glass/Stained Glass/Beadmaking/Mosiacs etc... Sale ends Midnight january 31st. the largest selection of Warm Glass/Lampworking books in the UK. "A word to the wise is unnecessary. It's...
14 years ago
cleaning glass
after cutting your glass what do you us to get it clean for foilling, and what do you clean your hands with to keep from getting oil off your hands onto the glass, do you us anything special...I us...
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sell japanese dolls and china crafts in
sell japanese dolls and china crafts in
14 years ago
Tinnd Glass
Hi, All How to polish off coating of glass panel (Tinned) Please advise. Taahanks He's got this unlimited supply of free glass from Australia, see?
14 years ago 2
Teacher Wanted : Chicago Suburbs
Experienced teacher of Stain Glass and or Glass Fusing wanted for a studio in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago Il. -nancy-
14 years ago
Latest on the US Lead Ban?
Anyone following the threatened 100%, no ememptions, ban on lead in the USA? Last I heard it sounded like the SG lobby was having lots of trouble getting a loophole for us this time around. Your...
14 years ago 1
Charter & (pointer to) FAQs
CHARTER for PREAMBLE: The newsgroup was created primarily for the purpose of discussion related to working with glass. In order to improve the mechanism whereby we may do so without undue distraction,...
14 years ago
new member
I own a studio in Nashua, NH. My vision was to provide a space that caters to all related mediums, metalwork, beadwork, polymer clay, chainmaille, glasswork and art clay(PMC). Today, my vision is a...
14 years ago 2
Query about glass cutting
I am an owner builder and as such have glass needs for my windows. If I have a large piece of glass is it feasible to cut that glass down in size and use it for a windows? Would this be cheaper than...
14 years ago 43
George's Arm
Has anyone else heard of a 'tool' called George's Arm that is used to help hold a Stained Glass Lampshade while soldering it? I am trying to figure out where I can buy one or how one can be made. Send...
14 years ago 4
Bottle Stopper Tops?
Hi, Is there anyone here who has made bottle stoppers? A brief introduction: I'm a woodturner and after making a lot of bottle stoppers using the chrome-plated bases (kits), I designed a stainless...
14 years ago 5
glass storage solutions
Hi everyone. I'm new to this group. I'm reworking my glass working area and wonder if anyone has a great idea for how to store sheets of glass [the 10" x 15" size]. I am currently using a variety of...
14 years ago 6
Leaded Enamel powders...need help...dump or keep?
Hi to all from Oz A few years back I was given a stack of old leaded enamel powders in 4 pound bags from a closed down signmaking company and its been sitting in my garage ever since. I stored most of...
14 years ago 8
Lusters and favrile glass
I need to recreate a blown lighting fixture that has a gold luster on the surface both inside and outside. I think the piece is flumed at the end with standis chloride? Is there a low fired enamel...
14 years ago 1
looking for Glass blower to make 40 lampshades for me.
Dear Glass blower, I am looking for a glass blower to make 40 hollow balls for me at size 100 +/- 2 mm. in diameter. Thickness max 5 mm. +/-1 With an hole in the buttom at 51 +/- 1 mm -There will be 3...
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