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Request, please advise
Hello, I found some interesting glasart, but do not know where to find and buy them. Any advise from you would be helpfull, perhaps you have some usefull links, or know some artist. You can find and...
14 years ago
new pendants on ebay!
14 years ago
Did anyone else find a recent communication from Inland products a bit confusing? First i get a letter saying they will now be selling direct to retailers but you had to fill out a ton of paper work...
14 years ago 11
Do someone know the cement recipe made with "blanc d'espagne" and linen oil to put under lead cames? What are the ingredient proportions? Thanks for your help, Suzanne "linen oil"? whazzat? Sorry,...
14 years ago 16
Paperweights Vintage Book FA
Paper Weights & Other Glass Curiosities by E M Elville VGC 116 pages hardback with d/w Lovely old collectors book on glass entirely on paperweights,also covers Nailsea & Bristol & other small items....
14 years ago
Wanted - glass kiln - UK
HI All Just wondered if anybody in the UK has a 'spare' kiln (suitable for a beginner in slumping / fusing etc) - that they want to get rid of ....? I was hoping for something with a digital...
14 years ago 5
Charter & (pointer to) FAQs
CHARTER for PREAMBLE: The newsgroup was created primarily for the purpose of discussion related to working with glass. In order to improve the mechanism whereby we may do so without undue distraction,...
14 years ago
Moving Glass
I recently bought out a stained glass business and need to move the glass to my location. Can someone give me ideas on the best way to move it (I have to travel about 20 miles)? Strap it on the sissy...
14 years ago 8
2 unique glass auctions up
thanks for having peeped! !
14 years ago
can't find an item,hope you know
Hello,someone just told me about this group,and did I needed one in the past many times. My sis has an antique front door with recessed (6 glass) pannels and decorative molding,she don't want to...
14 years ago
Kaleidoscope Builders' resource
Those of you interested in Kaleidoscope building will know that there is a scarcity of practical information available. One of the few sources over the years has been "Kaleidoscope Korner", a...
14 years ago
I am trying to find (or create) a 48 high x 24 wide panel of "frosted" glass for a door. Since it is in a door, tempered glass or other shatter resistant glass should be used. Most stores recommend...
14 years ago 11
FS: Stained/Fused/Bead books
Hi there, Just to let you know that the sale ends Midnight on Tuesday 27th. Many books at sale prices, and other hard to find books at keen prices. Despatched from the UK every weekday. Take a look: ,...
14 years ago
FA: 2 lots of Strips
some nice stuff.......... other auctions for second lot
14 years ago
Hello all, Kindly help to identified web address of the recent america glass show looking for liquid glass clearner with brand >>>>XP Thanks,
14 years ago