Call for Stitching Stories

Stitched with Stories will be a collection of stories about stitching,
most specifically about
needlepoint. The book will be similar to the KnitLit series, and will be
available for Summer
You have a great chance to share your love of stitching with others. You
can write about
how you learned to stitch, a wonderful class, a great canvas, a terrible
canvas, teaching
others to stitch, what needlepoint means to you ? whatever you like!
Don't worry if you aren't a professional writer, a great story is better
than great writing!
If you have a great needlepoint story, I'd like to consider it for the
book. The stories
should be engaging (so you want to read more). They can be thoughtful,
funny, poetic, witty, or even mischievous.
The stories should be to me by May 15, 2008 for consideration and should be
1,000-1,500 words in length. If you have an idea but don't know how to
write it, email me
with your idea.
Email submissions to me at stitchedwithstories @ (remove spaces).
If you're a writer and want to submit the story elsewhere, the book is
only using first time
Pass this notice along to any stitchers you know, to the folks in your
guild , shops you
visit, teachers you know, or wherever.
Let's let the world know about our love for stitching!
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Karen C in California
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