Disney kits

I've been asked to do a Disney cross stitch picture for my niece. Been
searching online and can only find a very few on ebay. I found Disney's
orderine line, but they are very expensive. Does anyone know of any online
sites that sells Disney kits at a discount? Or, are there any online
freebies of the Disney Castle and Tinkerbell, which is what she would like
me to actually stitch?
Thanks for any help.
Joanie R.
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Joanie R.
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Sorry, all the Disney stuff I've seen is very expensive. I'm sure Disney charges an arm and a leg for licensing so that has to be passed along to the consumer. If you ever find any cheap Disney stuff, it is likely to be pirated unless the shop is going out of business and liquidating *all* merchandise. FWIW, I also can't recall seeing a pattern of Tinkerbell and it has been a long time since I've seen the castle. Nemo and Pooh are the hot Disney patterns now. Another warning: much of the Disney stuff is available only as kits and they aren't the greatest (nasty boardy Aida, slightly stingy on floss, etc.) in my experience. The 101 Dalmatians kits are particularly annoying since it is a TON of stitching white-on-white! But yes, I did go buy a Nemo recently since my 2 y.o. LOVES "Nemo Fish".
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Brenda Lewis
sewandso.uk (I think that's right) usually has some Disney kits. Depending on the exchange rate, that may be cheaper. Earlier this year, I bought a kit priced in Euros for 20% less than the US price, even with the shipping. :)
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Karen C - California
Go to Michaels. Or some cross stitch shops carry the books that have Disney patterns. Many of the patterns that have appeared in the books in recent years, were in kits years ago.
If you purchase the book, you will get many designs. Don't know if the castle or Tink are in them. Mine are stored away and can't get to them right now.
You might also look at the Stoney Creek website, as they have a few kits. I am not sure if you purchase them through Stoney Creek or Disney, but I seem to remember that there is one of the castle celebrating the 50th anniversary of Disneyland. That one had to be purchased through Disney and when I called they were out of it, but said they were getting more in, in a week or so, and that was several weeks ago.
Good luck.
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Marianne Teubner
Googling for tinkerbell cross stitch led me to this site
(They're in Australia, and I don't know if those kits are available in the US, so you may need to order direct).
Stoney Creek has a couple of Tink and/or Castle kits. But they're kits, and licensed from Disney (and intended to be sold at the Disney parks), so they're not going to be cheap.
Leisure Arts has some Disney charts, but I don't remember ever seeing a Castle or Tink in their books.
There seem to be many more Disney kits/charts available overseas. has a good selection. I've ordered from them, and have been happy with the service. -- Jenn Ridley : snipped-for-privacy@chartermi.net WIP: FrankenFauna, Morning Glory, NoshiRibbons, Emperor's Coat II Most recently Finished: Water Lilies, Be Mine, Honey I Shrunk the Heart Stitching log:
formatting link
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Jenn Ridley
Disney is extremely (shall we say almost viciously) protective of their copyrights. To the point where stitchers' Webshots and Picturetrail accounts have been shut down for displaying completed Disney projects. I considered myself lucky to have *only* had my one small Tigger bookmark confiscated and not had my entire account terminated.
IIRC, in the US, the only licensed Disney charts/kits are sold through Leisure Arts. I think the licensed UK distributor is Designer Stitches. You won't find any licensed freebies anywhere.
Hope this helps.
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Jenn L
I'm thinking I'll have to be a bit subversive to show Nemo when he is finished. Perhaps if I never post a name to it and show a picture of my daughter opening the gift at Christmas instead of focusing solely on the design...not that I have even *started* stitching him since I'm still working on ornies!
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Brenda Lewis
Or mail order. There is a number to call to order. I got Mickey's Self Portrait back in the days when there were only two options (that one, and the Family Dinner, probably 10+ years ago). It was $35.00 (still has the price sticker on it), but probably not that badly priced considering it does use DMC floss. Though my TW kits of the same era were all under $20.00, so maybe just a tad steep.
Tara Who hasn't stitched either Mickey or the TWs :-)
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Tara D

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