Hi there.
(PS) at the top?)
If anyone can recommend another site to post fabric/art requests and
sales on could you let me know?
I am looking for a dress form or mannequin of some sort for taking pix
and for making clothes to sell. I need a woman's form, but might be
able to use an infant/toddler form too.
I could even use one of those half form hollow back ones if necessary
till I find something else.
I don't have a lot of money, limited fixed income... hence sewing and
selling... LOL
but will consider and see what I can do... just mentioning it so if
you have one of those antique wolf forms that sell for a couple of
hundred, I just can't do it, even if I wanted too. Which I do! LOL
I am able to trade either partially or fully for fabric and or trims I
have both vintage, NOS and not vintage but not new, and not used... if
that makes any sense.
I also have a "lot" of patterns I can trade or sell.
Putting in another post as this is LONG!
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