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Easy Grapher Pro
Does anyone know if they are still in business. I placed an order on Nov 4 and have heard nothing. I have sent email. One bounced and one is still han ging in the wind somewhere. I tried calling and...
6 years ago
Diamond anniversary report OT
We had a wonderful day, with friends and family calling in. We had flowers and lots of cards. The special highlight was a special delivery from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of a card wishing us well on...
6 years ago 2
OT wedding anniversary
DH and I celebrate out 60th Diamond wedding anniversary next Thursday Nov.6th. We are having an " Evening at home" for family and friends to celebrate it. Mazel tov, Shirley and DH! Sara...
6 years ago 4
I do believe I recognize a few names here
A long time gone by - glad to see all you stitchers are still hard at work. Not sure if you remember Future Collectibles or not - after a divorce - a move to a "far distant" city and remarried - life...
6 years ago 8
Rose Anniversay Record
I'm looking for a SUNSET cross stitch pattern OR kit named Rose Anniversary Record. Does any one know how I could find it? Is this the one. Find the perfect handmade gift, vintage & on-trend clothes,...
6 years ago 1
Hi. folks, I am back to my real computer
We got back from our summer away from the heat of Florida, yesterday afternoon. I now have my real computer, and can access the group. I have been using my iPad in the RV. It is good for many things,...
6 years ago 5
Shetland Wool Week 2014
Free pattern .
6 years ago
Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments
Picked my issue up the other day. There are a few interesting one's that I plan on doing. Anyone else get theirs? What do you think? Which one is your favorite? I have a couple that I would really...
6 years ago 5
Crocheted Wedding dress
Bride Crochets Entire Wedding Gown Herself That's beautiful! I've done baby dresses, but I don't think I'd be able to do that and have it fit. That is something for her to hand down through...
6 years ago 4
WooHoo! A finish!
I finished the birth record for my former coworker's baby. I finally got it stretched and taken to Michael's, who has had the frame waiting for over a month. It's an old JanLynn design. I wish I knew...
6 years ago 8
Something different for the knitters
. That site didn't work, but I found this: LOLOL!!!! Keep your face toasty warm under the original beanie beard hat with cozy crochet beards
6 years ago 1
Happy birthday!
To Trish (if she sees this) Happy birthday to you, Haaappyyy biiiirthdaaaaay toooo yooooouuuuu, Happy birthday, dear Triiiiiiiiissshhhh, Haaaaappyyyyyy biiiiiirthdaaaaaaay tooooooo yoooooouuuuuu! l...
6 years ago 2
The Nativity by Heaven & Earth
Hi Folks...Just wondering if anyone is working on this? I saw it at my LNS last week and just HAD to have it. It looks quite challenging and I would appreciate any words of wisdom you all can give....
6 years ago 9
Converting Paternayan old colors old to new colors
I've attached to this message a txt file containing the color conversions from the old Paternayan colors to the new ones. Now that the new colors are being produced again by Saco Dyehouse and Waverly...
6 years ago
Can you see me
My son has just been and put me on to this newsgroup reader Shirley I see your post Shirley!
6 years ago 1