How did I find you again!

Holy smokes! All I was doing was looking for a movie and where and then my fingers switched to something else and then something else - and Voila! I spotted RCTN!
Oh my heavens! How much this group did for me after my beloved husband Dale died. The HUGS Quilt is such a part of my life and memories!
Dale died 12Feb2001 - hard to believe - as is that Ginger made a long trek down from her home to present me with the quilt in person.
Thank you!!
Now hope each of you is well!!
Gentle as you go,
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Marny CA
As we do you, Marny!
Let me add my welcome back!!! I do hope you stick around. What's new in your life?
It's been sooooo quiet here (darned FB!) and I *really* miss all the enabling that used to go on here.
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Joan Erickson
Hi! I understand the feeling you have. I was here a long, long time ago. I am s ure I have not been here for more than a decade. A lot has happened since t hen. I have lost my stitching fever, got it back and stitched up a storm. A nd not only that. Now I also have a trustworthy framer man here in my count ry, which is Finland, as it was the last time I was here. Now I live alone. I mean I have an apartment of my own. My computer has cha nged gazillion times between then and now. I have a laptop right now, a lap top with external keyboard. It's easier to type that way. And now I can han dle the 10 finger system too. Woohooo! So many things have changed. But many are also the same. I still stitch half cross stitches. I still use stamped Penelope canvases. This hobby has followed me through thick and th in, and I am glad about it. I am glad I found you again. I am sure the members here have changed gazill ion times between now and back then, but just call me Esmeralda, even it's not my real name. For you English people it may be easier to say than my re al Finnish name. Best: Esmeralda
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Esmeralda Sable

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