ash glazes

does anyone have any advice concerning ash glazes? The particular
problem I am encountering is when applying the glaze to the bisc,
having it retract and crack up, this can (not always) make for bare
patches. The problem seems to be mosre so when superposing (in this
case on a tenmokou).
Any advice in general in this domain would be greatly appreciated as I
am just starting out and it is an area which interests me greatly.
Best wishes,
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there's a number of books around - none handy for me right now or i'd post the names - but having messed some with ash i'm guessing you're too rich on just ash and need to add more clays to the batch.
i like plain old 50-50 ash & porcelain. sticks nicely & doesn't run as much as pure ash. to the mix i sometimes add mason stains to shift the color some.
although pure ash sure is nice inside bowls!
steve graber
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