broken kiln for salvage

Hello, I have an old skutt electric kiln from the 70's, it has no timer
and was fired too high and all the pieces in the kiln melted onto the
sides, shelves and bottom. I realize that the kiln is probably ruined
and not worth repairing. I am wondering if there are any salvage
places, or if there are any uses for parts. Any suggestions on what to
do besides throwing it away? Thanks.
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A friend of mine converted an old electric kiln into a raku kiln. She drilled a hole on the side near the bottom for the gas burner to go and put a handle on either side of the lid (take off the hinges) so two people have to lift the lid off and she put a hole in the top of the lid to look at the pots and also to help control the temperature. Sandi
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Red Deer
*Clean* it up with a cold chisel, cut a slot in the lid (not a round hole), cut a hole in the side for a burner, and turn it into a Raku Kiln!
Steve Bath UK
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Steve Mills

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