Just got this message and thought it would be good to post it here.
I've set up a new list on the new domain You're on
We're still trying to figure out the status and future of the list on
the ACerS server, at I understand that it's been back
and down again.
Depending on how things work out, this may be the new CLAYART list, or
it may just be a backup for the next time ACerS server dies. Mel has
the final say on this, I think.
Unfortunately, we do not at this time have a full list of subscribers
for the old CLAYART; this list currently is just the people on the
Antoinette assembled (thank you Antoinette!). So please forward the
list information to as many CLAYARTers as you know; have them
using the instructions I have posted on
formatting link
, or by
Re: subscribe clayart
Body: subscribe clayart
Note that this list runs on Majordomo, which is different software
the old list, so you will need different commands to modify your
subscription. However, it's more modern, and even has a web
Read the "WELCOME" e-mail you got from the server, and *save* that
e-mail someplace.
This list will still be moderated by Mel. However, we will have the
ability to add additional moderators so that messages don't hinge on
Mel's availability.
Clayart should be back up and running in some form by Christmas.
Oh, also, there will be a wiki at
formatting link
for the use of
Clayarters. I'm not done setting it up, though; it probably won't be
usable until after the holidays.
--Josh "Fuzzy Potter" Berkus
To change your subscription or unsubscribe, visit
formatting link
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Wonderful! Just set up my account and all seems to be working well. Easy to work with and quick. Donna
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