FS: K&F L1HT kiln (1300degC) & ST302 controller - Leicester, UK plus chemicals, moulds etc

The K&F L1HT has internal dimensions 18" x 18" x 18" and external
dimensions 33" wide x 36" deep x 60" high. Full set of furniture,
shelves & props.
9kW - fires surprisingly easily and accidentally just the once past
cone 10! Lightly used since purchased 2nd hand a few years ago.
ST302 digital controller with two heating/cooling ramps.
Location: south of Leicester, UK. Buyer to collect with trailer & pump
truck. Easy access.
Offers in excess of £500 (for Kiln and Controller together) to
kiln4sale (@) live.co.uk (take out the spaces and brackets!)
Also available good range of realistic hobbyist quantities of "Cone10
chemicals" - currently doing an inventory, but if you are interested
do ask.
Also also available: potters plaster, some clay, some moulds. Again,
in the middle of taking inventory, but ask if you are interested and I
will expedite.
If you take the kiln and controller you can have the clay and plaster
for free!
The chemicals and moulds will be for sale at around 50% of what they
cost me - taking account of the little I have used. They'll be a
email: kiln4sale (@) live.co.uk (without the spaces and brackets)
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