Onion- and garlic-crock

Hi guys
I have now started on a garlic crock that looks like a garlic, and an onion
crock that looks like an onion.... shapewise now, hopefully finished color
Shape and all are fine - and making the tops into lids is not an issue...
what do I do after the shapes are finished, so that the crocks are as
functional as possible? Do they need to breathe, so I sould have holes in
the lids or low-fire (1000C) them? or is it Ok to glaze outside? inside?
I want my garlic and onion to keep better in these than in an open basket on
the kitchen counter. I am hoping that at least the lack of light will
contribute to that, but want to also make the crocks best possible for the
Thanks for any and all help!
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Hello Marianne,
Both our Onion and Garlic Pots have plenty of ventilation; holes in the lid and around the top of the pot. Both are earthenware and only glazed on the inside. Having said that I don't think firing temperature is an issue. Ventilation certainly is. We keep both in a cool dark cupboard, they keep longer that way.
Steve Bath UK
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Steve Mills
If you really wanted air to circulate, wouldn't it be better to have holes around the bottom and top - not just around the top?
From what you say about glaze, I suspect that glazing doesn't really matter, though from a cleaning-perspective, it would probably be fine to glaze both outside and inside.
Marianne ..... punching some holes right after I send this.... and YES it is late! but I love to sit in my workshoppe! :-)
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