Pressurized Kerosene kiln burners

Kerosene burners that will work with no electricity; or with a controller
and very little electricity [alternative power sources, etc.]
I designed and built several, and these last ones work really well. I made a
webpage about them in case anyone has the need or is just curious;
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had posted this here a couple of years ago, and the site had a lot ofhits, but it has a new address now.please link to it if it has any application to any other website; that helpsmy search engine rankings!at first I used to control the burners "by hand", using a battery poweredpyrometer and playing with the pressure and air settings. later on, I had abig battery and a power inverter that gave me a little electricity, and Iadded a solenoid and a commercial kiln controller; that worked just aboutperfectly.
regards, Mark Holden
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Mark Holden
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