Kiln cement and kiln repair

Please forgive my newbie ignorance, but I just purchased two cans of:
Refractory Cement (Thin with water)
Kiln patch (contents may settle and solidify. Stir with putty knife.}
I need to do some repairs on my Skutt electric kiln.
Am I correct in thinking that the cement is for the pits and holes
on the bottom? And that the kiln repair is to put on and IN, cracks in the
bricks? Sould it be thin enough to paint?
I also need to temporarily form a small wall around a part of element
on one brick that was
broken off when I bought it. Would I use the cement for that?
I already tried forming some in my hand...and it won't stick
to anything, but I guess gravity coule hold it in place.
Is it supposed to actually stick to the kilnbricks?
This stuff came with zero instructions. Thank you very much in
I'm going to be replacing all bad bricks, and elements soon, but I need
a bandaid.
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This sounds like a patching material, it also sound like you'll need to pre-wet the brick where you are going to apply it or it won't stick.
With the brick cements we get over her in the UK there is no need to pre-wet the brick before application, also I find it more effective to thin it down with thin Sodium Silicate (75TW). Then you can use it as a paint on crumbling brick. Sodium Silicate is the main *glue* medium in refractory cements, adding water weakens its adhesive ability.
NOTE: PLEASE disconnect the Kiln from the power supply before you do ANYTHING to it, especially if it involves water-based material!
Steve Bath UK
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Steve Mills
Thank you so much Steve. I'm sure between the two of them I'll figure something out. I guess I wasn't very clear in my initial post, but I have two cans of different materials, one says kiln patch, the other kiln cement. I was just wondering if there was a specifie difference.
thanks again..
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