yohen crystalline glazes?

I have just begun a pottery class and am having fun at it. For
another class I had to observe a couple pieces at a museum, and in
wandering around after having taken note of those pieces I happened
across a modern bowl with a blue overglaze onto of a "yohen-type
glaze." In looking on the internet, I found photos of virtually the
same effect here:
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Granted that I know no more about glazes than just the cheap clearglaze we paint onto our high-school pots, I would still like to learnmore about it. A google search thus far has turned up galleries andsome notes about potters, but no definitive step-by-step description ofhow to execute yohen glazes, let alone this particular hematite-likecrystalline yohen glaze. I learned that it involves charcoal or ash:-) But that's about it :-( Can it be done in the electric kilns wehave? If not, can a kiln be affordably built? Well, to be honest withmyself, I'm not likely to get around to building kilns or masteringyohen glazes when I've barely begun in pottery, but I'd still trulylove to learn more if you know of any books or websites or canpersonally tell me moe about it.
-Bernard Arnest
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Bernard Arnest
You should learn about glazes in general to begin with. It is a wonderful mix of science and art.
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Cardew's Pioneer Potter
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glazes that you linked to are high fire reduction pieces but I have seen a poster that has a wonderful site on oxidation mid-fire crystalline glazes. I can't find her link right now but will post it when I do.A good general link to have is
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- this is what they have archived on crystalline glazes.http://www.potters.org/category065.htmWhere do you live? Western states have inexpensive city colleges that generally have a ceramics department where they would have classes that offer more than the low firing glaze that you seem to be working with. They might have workshops on glazes as well. Good luck and welcome to the clan.
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