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list anything with tableware items..
global tableware professional web blog.. list your shop,pattern, update your product, share your comment, list anything with tableware here...
14 years ago
Preserving paperclay?
Hi guys Got the recipe for paperclay from my teacher on Friday and mended my low-fired pot with it tonight. But I have lots of leftovers. She told me that paperclay goes "off" pretty quickly, but if I...
14 years ago 4
new member
Hi everyone, i've just set up a work space in my kitchen,and i'm going to teach myself ceramics im handbuilding untill my fenton wheel arrives(HA) any tips for a biginner? Hi and Welcome! How much of...
14 years ago 22
looking to make new friends
hello ladies and gents. i own a small rock shoppe here in southwest oklahoma . currently i trade rocks shells indian artifacts etc with people from about 18 states and 4 different countries. i have...
14 years ago 1
What Clay to Use
Hello Everyone, I am currently teaching pottery workshops. I was wondering what everyones opinion on clay was. What are your opinions on local clay in comparion to commerical clay? We sure do have...
14 years ago 6
Hi folks Hubby is giving me new challenges. This time, he has asked me to make a röhmertopf. I have started, but now I am having misgivings. The clay I use is a high-fire clay that can be fired to...
14 years ago 24
yahoo's 360 feature
a while back someone mentioned the FLICR feature of yahoo for posting pictures. i went to yahoo & saw their "360" feature which is a pretty easy website scheme that enables posting of many photo sets....
14 years ago 2
pottery tools south yorkshire
Hi all, Does anyone know of a place in or near South Yorkshire, England UK where I can buy pottery & ceramics tools? Thanks. Kibb order my tools on line or make them myself. What is it that you are...
14 years ago 4
Radioactive glazes
I went to visit my son this weekend at college and he took me on a tour of the nuclear research facility that he used to work at (yes they have students running a nuclear reactor - not to worry - it's...
14 years ago 3
I was just browsing in clayart postings, have not actually subscribed though. This interested me Dear Claudia - This is a very common misconception, and it is important to try to correct it. Crazed...
14 years ago 15
How to build a damp room
Can I use Drylock to waterproof a damp room? I would like to build a damp room inside an existing structure. I need a way to waterproof the walls to prevent damage to sheetrock and humidity in...
14 years ago 4
Kasumi's Ceramic Open House in Toronto
Kasumi's 4th annual Open House in Toronto. Details at in advanced
14 years ago
found a great hand painted Mexican pottery website
Found a great website with hand painted Talavera!!!
14 years ago
Re: At last.
Well, I have made it - after 12 months of trying to get a bisque load together, the kiln is going - time is 9 PM Monday - the Art market is Saturday!!! (If it does not rain) So - glazing still to go....
14 years ago 4
FS 9 cu ft gas kiln UK
Hi Peeps I know this is a little wrong but I thought that if anyone in the UK (SW) needs a gas kiln I have one for sale. It's a 9 cu foot (ish, it's a big 9 probably closer to 10) front loader,...
14 years ago 1