Re: At last.

Well, I have made it - after 12 months of trying to get a bisque load
together, the kiln is going - time is 9 PM Monday - the Art market is
Saturday!!! (If it does not rain) So - glazing still to go.
Any one out there that has the same problem as I do - that family comes
first?? When will I get my own artistic time????
I have been learning the arts for 38 years and also trying to get together
my one person (one woman?) art show before I die.
Yours in the love of Pottery, Painting, Sculpture,Mosaic,Printing,Etc,Etc.
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Elaine Coggins
I sincerely hope this is the first of MANY firings.
That impetus always breeds more.
Go for it.
Steve Bath UK
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Steve Mills
i'm throwing a "fill the kiln" party soon just so i can fire more then once a year...
try it! if anything you'll get some alternate foods from your friends...
see ya
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and then there were the results from the firing... Ohh i wish.... that would have been good if i'd done..... wow, thats amazing...... Far out...... God i'm knackered..... but if i do...... Enjoy the trip.... Hugs Eddie (benched at the moment, but plotting glazes (darkly)...
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Eddie Daughton
Thank you to all,
I had a great bisque firing and yes, now the exciting part, the glazing.
To-day is Wednesday, the Art Market is Saturday (if it doesn't rain). Oh well, looks like an all night firing to-night, maybe a good time to night to start on the next load of work, and maybe a glass of wine or two.
It must be an artist thing - doing better work at night, and you know we could all have a working party night!!
No .. forget that ... we would not get any work done!!

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Elaine Coggins

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