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I am now going down to spend a little time in my workshop before bed. Spoiled as I am, I have a stereo system and a teeny tiny (6") TV down there. I sit and fiddle with my clay and watch dvd's and my...
14 years ago 5
Plaster problems
Hello again people! I've been experimenting with plaster casting, making casts of baby feet in soft clay then taking a plaster cast of the impression, creating a 3D plaster wall hanging. I am using...
14 years ago 3
Ceramic slip mixture
I own my own ceramic shop and I recently was given more info on mixes of ceramic slip. I was told that adding barium to the mix makes it whiter. BUT I also know that barium is poisonous. Does this...
14 years ago 2
I need a gallery in Oregon
Hello everyone, I've been a potter for 7 or 8 years now and have decided to get more serious. I live in Eugene Oregon and have evolved into a face jug artisan. I need to start getting my stuff "out...
14 years ago
Onion- and garlic-crock
Hi guys I have now started on a garlic crock that looks like a garlic, and an onion crock that looks like an onion.... shapewise now, hopefully finished color also. Shape and all are fine - and making...
14 years ago 2
ovenproof ware
I want to throw a few ovenproof pieces for personal use and perhaps for sale - just simple red clay with slip & clear/honey glaze, but I'm not sure what steps I need to take to make the ware...
14 years ago 4
Ceramic photographic transfers
Hi there - I wonder if anyone (in the UK) knows where I can go to get ceramic transfers (black & white and colour) made from either digital or old fashioned photos. I want them to be firable on-glaze...
14 years ago 3
Pottery Display?
check out that gallery to see their style of displays, but also see others. depending on your style of work, simply throwing a colored cloth over an area with various elevated boxes might work. or...
14 years ago 2
Blistering on Stoneware
I have been struggling with this problem for about a year now. Can anyone please help with any suggestions or comments? I am getting a variety of blister sizes. The areas affected seem to be verticle...
14 years ago 12
Add your gift/craft related site free at
If you own a gift / craft site you can add the details about your site at free.
15 years ago
Copper Barium/Zinc Purple Glaze
In the book "The Ceramic Spectrum" by Robin Hopper, he states that copper can produce a purple and plum color in both oxidation and reduction, cone 6 thru 10 in high alkaline or barium/zinc glazes. I...
15 years ago 3
used kiln
does anyone have a used kiln for sale. I am looking for a used kiln. Please let me know if you have one for sale. thanks Julie Its helpful to let people know where in the world you are :o) Hi Julie, I...
15 years ago 3
hundreds of jars of discontinued ceramic glazes now listed for sale, $9.99 per lot.
hi friends - i've listed hundreds of jars of discontinued ceramic glazes for sale, 24 jars per lot, approx 30 lots started tonight, more coming during this week in larger jars, will be broken down...
15 years ago
Inlaying Slip
Hi, I was reminded of a couple of tips I wanted to share whilst working on some tankards this week. Firstly on how useful second hand dental tools can be particularly V shaped ones in cutting groves...
15 years ago 3
will stuff in my kiln room spontaniously combust?
Hi Everyone, I fire an electric kiln to cone 6 in my upstairs spare bedroom. The room is about 12 by 14 feet and the only thing in it is the kiln and some glazes and a couple of shelves to store...
15 years ago 5