Pottery Display?

check out that gallery to see their style of displays, but also see others.
depending on your style of work, simply throwing a colored cloth over an area with various elevated boxes might work. or straw or sand or dried leaves...
or, the classic pillar.
see ya
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Personally I think the classic pillar, or plinth, do not clutter so that it looks like good work not a craft sale. Business cards placed beside the work is best. Replacement pieces hidden away for any that sells. Think uncluttered, classy, arty, it is after all a gallery. Good luck.
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What makes for an effective Display?
I've been approached by a gallery to display my pottery. Its functional
stoneware: mugs,bowls jugs etc. also vases. dishwasher/ food
safe etc.... do I need hang tags? brochures, postcards or just a
business card?
I have a logo but should i use a photo of the pottery?
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