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Acquiring a Potters Wheel for daughter (practical suggestions)
hello to the group My daughter is taking after her aunts and grandmother ahead of her, showing a sharp interest in thrwoing pots in her high school ceramics class. I was more of a hand-builder and 2D...
15 years ago 1
Got ClayArt???
OK, so I'm a ClayArt junkie. Is it just me or is there really no ClayArt since very early yesterday morning? Last message I have was approved by Joyce, according to the message properties. Anyone else...
15 years ago 5
That kind of pottery day
The day started out in a forthright manner--looking forward to trimming and footing about 40 pots, unloading a glaze kiln... I'd noticed that the kiln was taking longer and longer to fire, so I...
15 years ago 9
For Person looking for Tools
are going to have to cut and paste this as one line into your browser line. Buy some tools and do a good deed!
15 years ago
What is the value of a used kiln?
Hello, A friend has asked me to help her sell her kiln, and I am wondering how much a used kiln would be expected to sell for. I realize that it depends on a lot of factors, but I have no clue as to...
15 years ago 14
Pottery studios in the DC area
I make pottery a couple of times per week at a community studio where I rent space --- more specifically, I have a couple of shelves and a key to access to the studio whenever I would like (so long as...
15 years ago
Northampton potters
Have just moved to Northampton and would like to know if there are any informal groups of people intereste in pottery etc - or formal for that matter! Denis Atkinson is that Northhampton, Pennsylvania...
15 years ago 4
Looking for a blue glaze
Have you picked up a copy of Mastering Cone 6 Glazes by Roy and Hesselberth? There are several blues in there. I use the variegated blue which has amazing effects when layered with their other glazes....
15 years ago 6
Marketing ideas
Any ideas on advertising? I have small pottery in tourist area. I make functional ware: mugs,bowls etc.. i began making my own brochures-mailing to friends,family. Still need to advertise in local...
15 years ago
selling pots
How can one locate good retail stores for pottery? Some retailers don't display pot correctly or only take pot on consignment. Frustrated in Vermont
15 years ago
Cutting bisque tiles?
I'm totally new to ceramics... I was originally thinking about making my own tiles (outdoor, decorative) but now am considering glazing commerically available bisque tiles. I have a kiln. I need to...
15 years ago 5
Large bowls sagging when throwing
I want to be able to throw large salad bowls, but I have a problem with sagging just before I finish the throw. Is it better to half throw then left for a while to dry/firm up before continuing to...
15 years ago 12
yohen crystalline glazes?
Hi, I have just begun a pottery class and am having fun at it. For another class I had to observe a couple pieces at a museum, and in wandering around after having taken note of those pieces I...
15 years ago 1
Pottery in the Making vintage FA
Pottery in the Making by Dora Lunn ARCA Dryad Press VGC Great old book on pottery,sections on the history as well as instructional,very well illustrated with photos,diagrams etc. Some headings:-...
15 years ago
Teacup on Ebay
Hey, the teacup on ebay is going cheap! You can see it here:
15 years ago 1