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cake stand
Hello Everyone, I threw a tall pedestal all the way down to the bat and I threw a 12 inch plate form and they both turned out great but when I attatched the pedestal to the plate it looks like it bows...
15 years ago 6
pottery tools wanted/ glass kiln wanted
Just starting out in pottery. So I'm at the point now that I need som tools. Anyone have any to sell? Also looking for a glass kiln, sm. new to this group. regards, bo -- BOB SANDOVAL don't know if...
15 years ago 1
Cheap Insulation
I want to build a Pottery Kiln out of a 45 gallon oil drum. What can I use as cheap thermal insulation? what cone do you want to reach? you could do nothing & do saw dust, pit fire style fires. go too...
15 years ago 2
New to this newsgroup
Hi everyone. I am new to the group so I don't know what questions have been asked. Here's mine... I've been making pottery at a community studio for the past 3-4 years. This studio uses gas fired...
15 years ago 3
commercial raku glaze advice
I was wondering if anyone had any prefrences for commercial raku glazes. I have a class of 10 students and was considering just buying premade glaze. I am a newbe at making my own glaze(hope to change...
15 years ago 1
raku or salt kilns
How many of you have raku or salt kilns? i have a cloth portable raku kiln. propane bottle & one burner. ~ and a perfect corner for a salt kiln but nothing built there yet... see ya steve I have both,...
15 years ago 10
What to make for my niece?
Hi again! My niece is being Christened soon, and I will be one of her godmothers. Thus, I would like to give her a very special gift, but am at a bit of a quandry as to what to make. I thought an...
15 years ago 8
Pressurized Kerosene kiln burners
Kerosene burners that will work with no electricity; or with a controller and very little electricity [alternative power sources, etc.] I designed and built several, and these last ones work really...
15 years ago
Firing clay churchwarden pipes
Hi! I have recently started experimenting with making Churchwarden pipes out of white earthenware clay. By what I have read the pipes are not glazed, and must be fired at a low enough temperature to...
15 years ago 3
Problem with Stilts
Hi Folks! I just fired 8 stoneware mugs with cone 6 commercial glaze. I glazed the bottom of the mugs and placed them on stilts. In a few cases, the stilts seemed to have melted. These stilts came...
15 years ago 15
Is ClayArt down I am not getting any messages? Yeap, was down. Now back up. For those that aren't familiar with it,
15 years ago 1
Collaring and slab bashing
Hi all, I was facinated to read all the stuff about throwing and collaring as I've been trying to throw a number of closed forms recently. I find that when 'Knuckling' up if the finger suporting on...
15 years ago 2
Centering and throwing
When I was throwing the other day I was trying to quantify and qualify what the whole process was all about. One of the things that struck me that may confuse beginner potters is that when you are...
15 years ago 24
Pottery classes?
Hello, folks! I'm a new lurker to this newsgroup. I'm hoping you can help me connect with a pottery community in Portland, Oregon. My mother was a potter, and I grew up scouring the hills (so to...
15 years ago 2
computer program for inventory, sales etc?
does anyone know of a small program that can be used, by a couple who make ceramics, to keep track of their product line - production, sales, raw materials etc. Preferably something that has already...
15 years ago 3