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Waterproofing and Frostproofing Clay Pots
Hello I have some clay pots that I have brought back from Africa, they are clay that has been fired in a kiln but not glazed. The clay after firing is a terrcotta colour. I need to protect them from...
15 years ago 5
Mechanical help mixing recycled clay?
Hi folks! Up until now, I have been recycling my clay manually, but this is holding me back when it comes to doing repetitive exercises on my wheel, as I think about all that clay I will then have to...
15 years ago 11
Kiln Cart?
Hi All; Has anyone here ever built a cart to move a kiln around? Space is getting to be at a premium in the shop, and I'd like to be able to move the smaller kiln into an out of the way spot when not...
15 years ago 2
My online gallery
Hello, My name is Joaquim Hock, i'm a Belgian artist and I invite you to visit my online gallery. My biggest influences in art, was the half-funny, half serious science called "pataphysics", created...
15 years ago
Molds Lifespan
Can anyone tell me what the expected life span of cast on a ceramic mold is? Mine last for about 100 castings before they start to lose detail and get rough at the seams. Ron Wright thank you
15 years ago 2
Process color glazes?
I've been looking at mass produced "collector's plates". They seem to use a silk screened application of glazes to produce images in a great variety of colors. I'd always thought it was hard to get...
15 years ago 3
Capodimonte Comacchio
Hallo. Does anybody know why there is sometimes the word "Comacchio" above the Capodimonte brand in the bottom of the famous ceramics ? See photo here: for a replyGuideltapo
15 years ago
Grip to bring the rim in?
Me again! Nag, nag, nag! HEhe! I know the 3-4-finger "grip" to bring in the sides of a pot, but there is a special grip used to bring in the top! I just don't have it described or displayed in any of...
15 years ago 16
Harvesting wild clay
OK, so I'm a newbie, and an urban refugee to boot. Can any of you point me in the direction of websites and/or publications that discuss how to identify and collect clay from the wild? I'm doing fine...
15 years ago 5
Nylon fibers in clay?
Hi Been reading and read about adding nylon fibers to clay that you will be making slabs out of, in order to strengthen the slabs. But..... nylon melts, doesn't it? I don't get this at all! Marianne...
15 years ago 5
Raku Propane Burner Instructions
Does anyone know of instructions for building a burner assembly for a Raku kiln? Marni Marni, I've been creating so many galleries for so many purposes lately - as luck would have it, I have a set of...
15 years ago 4
Tyring to find out the origins of some pottery, a coffee set to be precise. Blue and white design. About 30 years old, so not antique. On the bottom of the pieces it says either Melika or Meliha,...
15 years ago 2
Wiring off the wheel,tip.
Hi all, just joined your group after reading some of your postings. There was some talk about wiring off pots and I thought I could share a tip with you by way of introduction: If, as I do, you slide...
15 years ago 6
Slab Roller Instructions
Hi! Does anyone know of any instructions for building a slab roller? Thanks, Suzan I don't - but 2 things you do need: plates that you can remove to change the thickness of the slab - and at least one...
15 years ago 6
Pictures of hand placements?
Hi folks! Me again! Avid learning taking place! Hehe! I want to print and laminate pictures of hand positions during various operations of throwing and then laminate them and hang them in front of my...
15 years ago 11