Acquiring a Potters Wheel for daughter (practical suggestions)

hello to the group
My daughter is taking after her aunts and grandmother ahead of her,
showing a sharp interest in thrwoing pots in her high school ceramics
class. I was more of a hand-builder and 2D artists myself, but I'm
thinking of trying to locate a wheel so she can practice at home.. and
she could show her dad some stuff too!
Thing is, as a single parent, I'd have to do it on a real budget. I've
posted some wanted: potters wheel ads on local ng's and craigslits, the
local stuff exchange, etc.
Can anyone offer sage advice on models to look for, and places to look
at for used wheels? I'm hoping someone will have one collecting dust in
their basement and be willing to part with it cheaply (like $1-200)
Much obliged for all help
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i bought a ton of mateiral from a local high school that dropped their pottery program years prior to my meeting them.
see if you might have some local high schools with such equipment laying around.
i scored 10 wheels for $1000 total along with TONS of other stuff in 1994.
likewise, your local city parks & recreation may also have equipment laying around. the trick is finding someone in the city who knows this...
see ya
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