Skutt & Son Pottery Wheel?

I have aquired an old Skutt & Son Pottery Wheel Model B. Which I plan to
return to life.
If any of you are familiar with it, I would like to know how the rope switch
was originally attached to the foot peddle and how it operates.
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Pete Wolcott
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isn't that just an on-off wheel design? i aquired one years ago with some other equipment, and gave it away. if it's the brand you're talking about, i know why skutt eventually started making just kilns.
the one i had was a big fixed splash basin with the little hole in the side for the rope attached to the foot pedal. it had no variable speed ~ on or off. i suspect when you would throw it would coast under the clay weight. i saw a picture of one in a 1963 ceramics monthly.
it might have been mean but i gave it away to a friend who was just begining pottery. after a while it also made a very nice plant stand.
see ya
steve graber
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Steve, Today I replaced the power cord and removed the many spiders. The rope causes the center pulley to change ratio and slows and speeds the wheel and also turns the wheel on and off. Possibly the one you had had the belts tightened to much preventing this the variable ratio pulley from working. I haven't tried any clay on it yet but it seems to have plenty of torque at all speeds. The price (0) was very enticing. Thanks for the responce. Pete
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Pete Wolcott

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