American Folk Art Museum with Culture for the Non-Cultured (New York City)

It would be a pleasure to have people interested in folk art, such as
quilting, join my group, Culture for the Non-Cultured
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, as we explore the American FolkArt Museum in New York City on December 2
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Culture for the Non-Cultured is free to join; we're just a group of
people who may not consider ourselves "cultured," but are interested in
experiencing art, international food, etc. and generally expanding our
horizons in a laid-back "where everybody knows your name" atmosphere.
Generally, we eat after each event to further an atmosphere of
friendship and community; this will be planned as we get closer to the
date ...
For more information, and to RSVP, go to
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Other upcoming events for Culture for the Non-Cultured
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Chocolate Show: November 12
FREE Korean Performance Art: January 13
What is Culture for the Non-Cultured?
Ever feel that although you live in or around New York City, you do not
take advantage of all that culture, that art, that theater, that ethnic
food, right in your own backyard? Culture for the Non-Cultured
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is a meet-up group that strives togo to those exotic restaurants, walking tours, museums, theater, etc.that you may want to go to, but somehow never find the time. We have afun, laid-back atmosphere, and we commonly eat after (or during) ourevents, because the best way to build a feeling of community in agroup, after all, is to gather around a table full of calories.
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