Another denim jeans quilt ?

Taria suggested staggering the seams for denim jeans quilts, which sounds to
me like an excellent idea. That would eliminate bulky seams. My question is,
do you all iron your seams to one side or open? I know that ironing them to
one side provides more stability to the seam. But this is denim we're
talking about and it's thick and bulky. Granted that might be all the more
reason to iron the seam to one side. But what do you all opt for? Iron the
seam open and have less bulk or iron the seam to one side and deal with the
bulk? I'm hoping to make a denim jeans quilt this winter so I'm trying to
learn all I can to make it easier.
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the newer smaller denim quilts I have been doing I go ahead and serge the seams and then just press to the side (have to if they are serged I guess) If you don't want to serge I'd go with a 1/2" seam and press open. I'm interested in hearing what works for other folks. Taria
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Having made one denim quilt - and since I'm a hand quilter primarily - I didn't worry so much about the bulky seams because I quilted deliberately large stitches with a deliberately large thread with a deliberately large needle. The quilting went fast - and the bulk didn't matter because of the large stitches I took. Since I was consistent with the stitches, it looked fine and, yes, deliberate!
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Iron a denim quilt?? Never even crossed my mind. I've birthed a few and just put a line of stitching about 1/2 from the outside edge just to stabilize. Don't use batting so no worry there. The other one I made was a rag quilt backed with flannel. Well part of the joy of that one was the seams go where they want.
Unfortunately I don't have a pic on the ones I birthed but the rag one is on webshots at:
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in case that link doesn't work try this:
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's in the quilts done albumTake Care Joanna
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