Cotton thread for embroidery machine?

I think I'm cross-posting; just asked this over at the embroidery machine
group but they only appear every few weeks, it seems. I'm pretty sure there
are some machine embroidery-ers here.
Here's what I asked:
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Polly Esther
Interesting Polly. I have not heard that. What I was told about my machine, Viking Designer I, was that Gutterman was their recommendation for regular sewing and Sulky for embroidery. The one thing that I was told many times though was to definitely, definitely, definitely, use bobbin specific thread for the bobbin when doing embroidery, and that thread happens to be 100% polyester. I sometimes use this for general sewing as well, but often wind a bobbin for regular sewing with the same thread that is being used on top.
My brain-dead moment last week dealt was with needles. I was using an 80 needle for regular sewing and forgot to switch to a 90 when doing embroidery. I couldn't for the longest time figure out why my thread kept fraying and breaking. Changed the needle and not one more trouble.
When I talk to Mom next I'll ask her what she has heard about the cotton on top issue.
Sorry about the flu/allergy/cold issue. I've had my shot and so far, fingers crossed, have not brought anything home from school.
Steven Alaska
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Steven Cook
'They say' the flu shot won't keep you from catching this but it might save you from dying from it. I'll report back. Or not. Meanwhile, do ask for your Mom's thoughts on potential harm caused by embroidering with cotton thread. Honestly, I can't think of a reason to choose cotton - unless, of course, you needed to do a teddy bear belly and the only thread you had was cotton. One night, I did lots of needle testing on the emb machine. I don't think you really have to have a 90; my conclusion was that a 'new' needle was a best bet and a new metallic 80 was the happiest of all. Polly
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Polly Esther
I certainly wouldn't use it. Why would you want to. I have a feeling it produces way too much lint, and may be too heavy to give a nice look. Embroidery thread is made for machine embroidery, why push your luck? Gen
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