EZ3 Grace Frame Problems

I recently purchased and EZ3 Grace Hand Quilting Frame. After many
hours spent attaching all my headers and fabric etc... quilting and
taking the quilt off my back is terrible. What did I do wrong?
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Carol Rank
I've never used this particular frame, but my first guess(es) is that the amount of tension (in this case, how taut your fabric is) was different on your backing fabric than on your quilt top. If the backing is looser than the top, you could easily get puckers and/or pleats.
Also, if you don't keep the backing taut from side to side when it's loaded and then as you advance it, you could get pleats.
You should make sure your backing is squared when you load it. If it's skewed in one direction or the other, that could cause a wonky backing.
Again, these are just guesses on my part since I haven't seen the back of your quilt, but it's a place to start. Hope it helps.
Louise in Iowa nieland1390@mchsidotcom
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Louise in Iowa
I read that as the quilter's back was terrible. Could you mean the quilt's back is terrible?
Here's some tips, the last saying exactly what Louise sez, the back is tighter than the front or vice versa.
formatting link

formatting link
Wishing you better luck, Carol, whichever back is terrible. ;-)
Nothing like good basting....
Ragmop/Sandy - p.s. I hate using a big frame (even at demos): guaranteed to be a pain in the back ...
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Sandy E

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