Flower Garden Quilt is Done

Hello All,
Just wanted to tell you all that my flower garden quilt top is finished
. I put the inner and outer border on yesterday. Sorry no pictures to show.
Each block had a different floral print except one print which I put one i
n each row. Lots of bright colors here. It is very simular to the front co
ver of McCalls Quick Quilts August/September 2014 issue, except mine has no
orange squares and made with 14 flying geese in each block.
It had a lot of pieces that made up the 11 inch block. I am pleased how i
t turned out and my friend Darlene is coming by to pick it up as she does t
he batting, backing and also the quilting part.
My next project is to make a couple of baby quilts, one with 25-(10 inc
h) squares that I plan on cutting in four pieces and each of the 25 squares
are different. Enough 10 inch squares to make a couple baby quilts. Then
someone gave me 3 panels(it's a girl/boy panel) that I have already cut ap
art, these have different sizes/shapes, so I have brought some solid pastel
colors to cut into different shapes to complete a baby quilt. So you see
I have a new challenge with those three panels turning them into a baby qu
Even though I read all the posts, want to tell you how much I enjoy th
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