Hand sewing

My LQS has started to have a "hand sewing time". They set aside the
classroom for hand sewing sessions - you can bring whatever you like and
just sit and sew and talk with other stitchers. It was a fun time, sharing
ideas and our work. The shop owner was present to answer any questions and
also to demonstrate methods we might be curious about.
I'm looking forward to the next session.
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Bonnie NJ
We have a (not so)LQS that did this every month, but I don't think they limit it to hand sewing anymore - it has evolved into a sort of UFO day. It does cost a few dollars but the shop provides tea/coffe and biscuits and free advice and help. It is becoming a very popular format here.
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The hand sewing group is free - there is also a UFO group, that one has a fee. They also started one to use your stash. You bring in the fabric and they supply a pattern, this one has a small fee also.
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Bonnie NJ
We used to do this when I worked at the lqs. Everyone brought a snack (some of us shared ) and the conversation could get quite lively. Enjoy it, Bonnie!
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Sandy Ellison
Bonnie, This sounds like great fun and something I wish my LQS would do. However, 85-90% of their classes/workshops are during the weekday and there's no way I can participate in those. They're only open late (till 6PM) one evening a week and my Saturdays are usually just jam-packed/booked months out. How long are the sessions?
Kim in NJ
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They sessions are 2 hours but some of the women were staying for lunch. I had to leave for a doctor's appointment - I'm not sure when they all left. The next session is on Feb 6th, unless they talk the shop owner into having the gatherings more often.
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Bonnie NJ

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