Sewing by Hand

For a few weeks I have been helping a sick friend who does not sew, and I have been doing light mending, sewing by hand. It's just mending small rips, and it helps pass the time while watching TV. Now that I am mostly back at home I can get to work taking up my clothes about 2 sizes, using my machine because I have lost another few pounds. Hooray!!!! Barbara in cool, wet, SC
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Bobbie Sews More
Nice to think you just have to keep on sewing, weather it's hand or machine. Congratulations on the weight loss how great is that. I am losing but it's slowing down after a good start.
Claire in Montreal FRANCE 
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Claire in France
That's very commendable. I hope your friend is better.
Yay! I'm on the downslope, but it's slow going. :-}
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