Coverlock machine janome 1000

The time has come the Walrus said........ for me to get serious about a
coverlock machine.
I have autumn projects in my head that need a coverlock finish. I would
like some recommendations for where to buy a janome 1000cpx as that is
my choice after much perusing of reviews. Who has a good deal going at
the moment?
I am in France as most of you know but could get it sent to a relative
in the Uk as I will be there at the end of Sept. Of course some savvy
businesses do deliver to France while others seem to think they have to
cross the channel and put it in French post box so charge an exorbitant
price or refuse to send internationally. I am wary of getting a USA one
because of voltage concerns, I could of course be wrong on that score .
Correct me if I am.
I am watching a barely used 2nd hand one in France on a craigslist type
site but the seller hasn't got back to me with a delivery price yet
So any good and bad experiences welcomed . Thank you.
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Claire in France
However, you really only have to do it once (for each weight of fabric). Cut some 4" squares of various weights of the fabrics you usually use, and stitch 1" hems on one side. Write down the setting for tension (all dials), stitch length and differential feed which gives the best result. Keep a small notepad with a hemmed swatch and your notes near your coverstitch machine, et voila! You will probably still want to make test runs on actual fabrics for new projects, but you'll be ahead of the game with your prior notes on hand.
Needles are critical to getting good results, even more so than serger and/or lockstitch. I'm not at all sure why it is so important, but I have paid to have my BL machine serviced twice when it started skipping stitches, and all that was needed was new needles. :-(
Good luck with your events!
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BEI Design
So after quite a faff, I finally picked up mu new to me Coverlock on Friday. It was delivered to a shop that takes parcels but the mix up over the name on the parcel and they denied having it on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and finally on Friday admitted it had been in their store since Tuesday when I got an email saying it was there. You couldn't make it up really.
Happily got I it home on late Friday afternoon and taught myself to thread it. I worked out a few quirks. Those tall things I thought were cone holders turned out to be the legs for the extended table! Typical of me.
I then make sure it stitched and settled down to watch a couple of very good videos on You Tube. Despite a busy weekend I have made some time to play. Better informed by the videos I have had several test runs marking them with tension settings etc so I know what's what.
Now I am just itching to get a T shirt cut out and stitched. I think this machine is going to be a great asset.
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Claire in France
If you have any problems or questions about using a cover lock machine, just remember that a good many on this newsgroup enjoy using them and will be glad to offer an answer, or a suggestion, to any questions! Uh, my first unasked for suggestion is to be use to lock the stitch at the beginning and end of a seam that is not joined to another piece. You can send me a question anytime------not that I am an expert, but I have been serging more than 15 years. Barbara in SC
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Bobbie Sews More
Thank you for that Barbara. I watched this video on YouTube and she explained about the locking really well. It was news to me. I left one piece unlocked just to see. brilliant stuff.
formatting link
I am sure I will be back with more questions.
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Claire in France

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