Thanks for the helpful link but the FAQ doesn't really address the fact that I
am looking for advice from any people who have used one or both of these
1.) Janome 4623 LE
2.) Janome Decor Excel Pro 5124
Looking for pros/ cons on these 2 machines or anyone out there who has used a
certain machine on knits/ stretch fabric.
Thanks in advance :)
Hi again everyone,
good info here:
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Regardless of what you hear from other people, the advice of the FAQ -- try it out for yourself with things you plan to try using with the machine -- is still VERY important.
Melinda, who personally wouldn't trust a Janome low- or mid-range model for all the riches of Gates but who knows that other people on the list have had great experiences with Janome machines
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Melinda Meahan - take out TRAS
Melinda, Janome used to (and probably still does) make other companies' machines, especially industrials and sergers. You may have been using one without even knowing it.
Karen Maslowski in Cincinnati
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I never gave much thought to Janome until a few weeks ago when I took the Bernina in for service and laid eyes on the new Janome 6500. It went home with me and I am very happy with it.
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Clarification: I only meant of machines that were currently and recently in production. The only machines I have ever owned were 60s and 70s Kenmores (made by White when White still made good machines), a Viking, a 70s New Home which is undoubtedly made by Janome but it was also back when most name brands made new machines, an assortment of old Singers, a Japanese-made handcrank clone of a Singer 15 of 40s or 50s vintage, an Eldredge 1910-ish treadle, and a White Rotary 1890s-ish treadle. The most I ever spent on one was when I spent $200-something-close-to-$300 for my Viking. Second comes the Eldredge treadle in a gorgeous parlor cabinet in excellent shape for somewhere between $150-200 (forget how much), my New Home was bought used for $129, and the rest of them were under $100. Oops, and there's the Singer 15-31 in my garage.
I only *wish* I had a serger (drool drool drool)
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Melinda Meahan - take out TRAS
I will agree that the non-low-end range (read: more than my budget will allow, probably over $300 and definitely over $500) Janomes are nice machines and from what I hear they are of good quality. But of the models I can afford, I wouldn't touch them with a 10-foot pole.
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Melinda Meahan - take out TRAS
I've just started a yahoo group called Janome Sewing-only (janomesewingATyahoogroups.com) for people who sew with any Janome. It is not for machine embroidery discussion, just sewing. Maybe someone in the slowly-growing group has experience with the machine you're asking about. Anne L.
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Anne LeVeque

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