Janome Harmoney 4052 sewing machine

I used my Janome Harmony 4052 sewing machine 4 times in less than 2 yrs
it jumped timing neither Sears nor Janome will fix it without charge.
It was used for simple repairs of lightweight materials to fix seams in
shirts or pajamas, you get the idea. Sears certified repair center
doesn't even have a tech that can repair it, they will have to ship it
out to be repaired. I was told I had to sign an agreement that allowed
repairs to work to $80.00, if the repair would cost more then I would
be notified before work was done. It seems to me that a sewing machine
should certianly not jump time after only 4 minor repairs. This was a
christmas present for me in 2003 and in Sept 2004 jumped time on the
4th time of using it. I'm betting my repair cost $80.00 since I already
know whats wrong with it I just don't know how to fix it myself. I
will never own another Sears or Janome sewing machine and you would do
wise to reconsider if you're thinking of buying one yourself. I figure
if you can't depend on them to last for more than 4 minor repairs you
should probably look at a different source than Sears or Janome for
your sewing machine buys.
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