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Bestest friend (a non-sewer of the first order) thinks she needs a
sewing machine for basic hemming and mending. Any suggestions? She
lives in central NJ (Clinton/Summit area). I'm afraid that a real
bargain from Walmart or Target will only frustrate her. A basic model
from a real sewing machine store would seem the way to go, as she could
get help there for getting started and any problems that might arise.
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joan8904 in Bellevue Nebraska
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If she only wants to do hemming and mending, perhaps one of the smaller size machines, like a Janome Jem Gold or Platinum might be OK for her. They are a lot less expensive than the larger machines, and are not full of functions that she will never use. I looked at these seriously when I wanted a back-up, but decided to get a full-sized one - low end of the Janome range. If she just checks that there is a blind hem stitch and, perhaps, a darning stitch for mending? she would have quite a wide range of low end machines. . In message , joan8904 in Bellevue Nebraska writes
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You're right on target, Joan. She would enjoy the support of a reliable dealer since she's a 'non-sewer' and whatever she gets could need a bit of fiddling with the tension or something. What about a used model that's been traded in? Are you hoping to guide her into quilting or is she permanently entrenched in the 'first order' ? Polly
"joan8904 in Bellevue Nebraska" > Bestest friend (a non-sewer of the first order) thinks she needs a
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Polly Esther
Joan, If your friend is in the Clinton area, she might check out Stony Brook Sew & Vac. NAYY. They have several locations and also sublet space in most of the JoAnn's Fabrics in the area. Their main location is in Lawrenceville, NJ. A reasonable hike from Clinton (@ 45 min??) but they also have a location in the new JoAnn's SuperStore near Oxford Valley Mall in Langhorne PA as well as several others. In the Lawrenceville shop they have quite a selection of good used machines. They are a Viking dealer but repair anything. Repairs are not necessarily quick but the workmanship in quite good. If she's looking for something closer, let me know and I'll check with another quilter who is a little more familiar with some of the LQS's, etc. in the Clinton area.
Kim in NJ
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On Tue, 2 Jan 2007 13:51:03 +0000, Patti wrote:
I have a Gold and Platinum and I highly recommend the Platinum. It has variable stitch width and length and needle down, speed control. Some deco stitches, but they are easy to use if needed. The Gold is great (anyone want to buy one?), but the features are very limited. Would be wonderful for a child. Anna Belle in Palm Bay
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"Anna Belle" fladavis
I have had a janome harmony that was bought at Sears 3 years ago it has only 249.99 it was comparable to the jamome 6260 thats was about 850.00 at our LQS has the exact number of stitches and functions and I also learned that janomes and kenmores are made at the same place. Maybe she should try a kenmore from sears they have many makes and models as well as a great return policy and warranty. I bought my machine then my sister bought one then my mom then my cousin it has been a great machine and none of us has has a problen with it. They no longer sell the janome harmony 5050 but the exact same model in a kenmore brand
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she should look on the sears website and see if anything catches her eye thats in her price range.
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Stephanie Bertels
On 2 Jan 2007 05:13:24 -0800, "joan8904 in Bellevue Nebraska" wrote:
Check in sewing machine repair shops, second hand stores and yard sales for a working in expensive machine. You probably need to accompany her. Also have her ask around friends and family, often times there is a sewing machine catching dust in someone's house and they would be more than happy to pass it on for little or no charge.
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Vandy Terre

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