Fuchsia buttons!

I had *one* button on a card (left over from some previous project)
which perfectly matched some fabric I bought yesterday to make a new
top, but they were no longer at the fabric store(s), and no other
buttons were even close to the color. :-( I bought some covered
button kits to make matching buttons, but I was not entirely happy
with that solution.
I searched the maker's (Dill-Buttons.com) online site, but no luck.
So taking a flyer, I plugged the item number into eBay, and one
seller had ten cards! Better yet, the selling price was the
original marked on the card, and the shipping was reasonable. Six
beautiful oddly-shaped fuchsia buttons
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are on the way.
Never would have thought to do that before. What did we do before
the internet? ;-D
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BEI Design
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We would have accepted the inevitable and thought of a different solution. Mankind has existed for several thousand years in a somewhat civilized way before the internet was there - why should we be helpless without it? (Although I do admit that I really love to be in touch with people all over the world in such a comfortable way.;-) ) Maybe a bit like this? ;-)
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Ursula Schrader
Whenever there is something I want or need and cannot find it locally I always search eBay. 95% of the time I can what I need there. Sometimes I will find something locally and their price is ridiculous and I can score it on eBay and save money. The only downfall is waiting for it to arrive in the mail.
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